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Bain Ultra Therapeutic Baths

Essencia with Chromatherapy Lights

Here at Faucets n’ Fixtures we believe in products that not only look great but have ease in functionality. We proudly offer, as the only dealer in Montana, Bain Ultra Tubs. Bain Ultra offers a wide range of function in the types of therapies, uses, styles and accessories. They can come in freestanding or enclosed in any style to fit your home and offer therapeutic benefits to fit your lifestyle.

The tubs themselves are of outstanding quality. They are not a jetted tub but instead force hot air through individual air jets. Since it only circulates hot air you won’t have any of the complications of a water jet tub.

The hot air is circulated throughout the tub creating a warmth that surrounds. The Thermomassuer tub offers Geysair Technology to deliver a warm air jet massage for ultimate relaxation. Geysair offers a deeper massage from the epidermis down to the joints, and gives you a sensation of overall warmth around the body. You’ll receive overall relaxation of the mind and body with faster, longer-lasting muscle relaxation as well. The Geysair Technology also provides a better cleansing of the skin, lymphatic drainage and enhance absorption of minerals, essential oils, and other elements you choose to add to the water.

Other therapies include Aromacloud, Warm Touch Shell and Chromotherapy. These therapies can all be controlled independently or together at the touch of a finger. Aromacloud is an essential oil diffuser that is built in to the tub of your choosing. It diffuses a gentle haze of essential oils. Vaporized droplets of essential oils have toning, anti-inflammatory, and regenerating properties your body can easily absorb, along with mental health cleansing. Next the Warm Touch Shell technology features heating zones built into the shell of the bath. The shell warms in the parts of your body that need it most. The heating zones are the headrest, backrest and seat zones. Transmitting and circulating continuous heat welcomes your body. To top it all off is the Chromatherapy, therapy through color LED with different frequencies and colors calibrated to emit different energy vibrations. Viewing and being surrounded by certain colors can affect the body and mind in different ways. Red to awaken and stimulate the senses, orange tones the body and eases aches and pains, yellow enhances digestion and creativity, green calms the body and stabilizes emotions, blue combats over-stimulation and soothes the soul and purple detoxifies your system and fights anxiety.

All in all Bain Ultra is the best therapeutic tub offered on the market because of all their outstanding qualities, ease of use and installation, they stay clean because they only recirculate air and not water, they offer therapies that treat your mind and body and have outstanding looks.

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