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NativeStone® Kitchen and Bath

BEWITCHING BATH. Not to worry – it’s no spell we’ve cast, it’s concrete, done better. The groundbreaking NativeStone® Collection of bathroom sinks is a mesmerizing combination of contemporary artistry and innovation.

A masterful blend of contemporary artistry and innovation with rustic sensibilities characterizes the groundbreaking NativeStone® Collection of kitchen, bar & prep, and bathroom sinks, vanity tops and tubs.

Handmade by artisans using a sustainable blend of natural materials, these eco-friendly concrete sinks are exceptional in their lighter weight, one-of-a-kind coloration, and extraordinary stain, scratch, and crack resistance.

Introduced by Native Trails in 2014, NativeStone is an innovative, remarkably strong new material used to make the NativeStone collection of kitchen, bar/prep, and bath sinks. A concrete trough sink is the perfect focal point for a modern rustic bath, while a concrete vessel sink adds to a hip, contemporary powder room.

Like concrete, NativeStone is made using cement and other materials. But NativeStone is not your typical concrete. It sustainably blends raw natural materials, including cement with renewable jute fiber. When mixed with cement, the jute fiber permeates throughout the material, dramatically increasing the concrete’s strength and resistance to cracking, while creating a dramatically lighter product – approximately 40 percent lighter than traditional concrete sinks. We also use an exclusive low-VOC nano sealer that literally binds with the molecules in the concrete. This makes NativeStone exceptionally stain resistant, crack resistant, and scratch resistant.

NativeStone currently comes in three finishes: Ash, which is a light, natural gray color with beautiful natural mottling; Slate, a rich, dark grey; and Pearl, a luminescent cream color.

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