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Increasing Popularity of Residential Dog Wash Stations

There is no doubt that people love their dogs, from dressing them up in costumes to creating a social media profile for their furry friend. It comes as no surprise that residential dog wash stations are becoming a popular amenity to add when building your home. Whether you need it to wash the dogs off after a long day of being outdoors or just the ease of not having to make appointments and drop off/pick up your doggie from the pet parlor, then creating a space to do it yourself may be for you.

Many people probably think a dog wash station is like the ones you find in the pet salons, this is completely untrue. There are many ways to incorporate a dog wash into your home without sacrificing style or elegance. We have helped people create dog washes from a full sized tub down to a small tiled area. Many people install pull out stairs that are camouflaged as cabinetry, this is nice for bigger dogs that can't be lifted or old dogs that can't jump in. The best washing will come from a multi-function hand shower with a pause function and a thermostatic valve. You can be sure to turn the water on and never scald your pup and the multi-function hand showers have sprays to get deep down into their fur to make sure everything is washed out.

Wondering where to add your dog wash station? There a few places that make sense. More and more they are in laundry rooms but you can also place them in a mudroom, the garage or outside if you have nice weather all year. Being in a room with tile or a floor that is easily cleaned and will not be damaged is best. Make sure to use paints and finishes that will stand up to getting water on them as we know that your dog will still shake that water all over.

The key to these dog wash stations is to be creative. Sometimes a whole dog area is made and even have a sleeping area, place for food and water, as well as storage for everything your pooch needs and wants. Keeping our pets clean in our home is important and having a residential dog wash will keep you asking why haven't I thought of this before.

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