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Toto - The Power of a Tornado Flush

Toto Tornado Flush Technology is an integral feature in every new Toto toilet. this completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way.

It does this by re-imagining the way a toilet flushes. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim as in a traditional flush, the Tornado Flush projects three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl. This motion creates a whirlpool effect that cleans the entire surface, as well as cleaning far more thoroughly than any other flush system, it is quiet and water-efficient.

Tornado Flush toilets have a rimless design, so there is no place for dirt and germs to hide, making for a more attractive, more hygienic toilet. It is also much easier to clean because of the CeFiONtect Glaze.

Toto has made available toilets with the Tornado Flush Technology keeping in mind contemporary and traditional styling. The toilets pictured above are some of the options available with Tornado Flush along with having an elongated seat and universal height to accommodate comfort levels for all.

We love and support Toto Toilets due to their outstanding quality and performance in the industry. Their affordability ensures that any project can fit a Toto toilet that will last for years to come.

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