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Customer Reviews

All the ladies at Faucets n' fixtures are so extremely nice and very knowledgeable! Not only that, they carry fabulous unique products! Tell them what type of look you are going for and they will match you up with the right product! If you are doing a remodel or new construction it's a must stop. You won't be disappointed!

— Paige Grover Modern Plumbing



The staff at Faucets n' Fixtures top priority is our customers and the success of their project. To ensure a projects success smoothly from start to finish, Faucets n' Fixtures has special steps in place to accomplish your goals. We sit down with a client at our conference table with some coffee or tea and begin the process of deciding basic needs and wants based on style and budget. Faucets n' Fixtures will meet with contractors, plumbers and designers to ensure every item is perfect and that all people involved in your project are on the same page. House plans and door schedules are gone over so that products will fit to your homes specifications. We provide a summarized quote of all items required for your home and a beautiful picture presentation so you can see room by room which items have been chosen and how they work together in the design aspect. We also provide various options and upgrades that are available while still staying within budget limits. Once the project has been processed we provide a detailed submittal of every item purchased through Faucets n' Fixtures so in the event that anything should happen years down the road you will be able to go to that submittal and identify each item by room. Faucets n' Fixtures can accommodate in state or out of state clients and work directly with their contractor.

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